My "Beef” With Stradman's Shelby Baja Raptor


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    End Screen Photo Credit: theluketerry
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    1. Hugo

      Nice raptor what kind of tires are you running gen 1

    2. Soccer11 Soccer11


    3. Bloo57999

      Don't forget to air down the tires to like 25 psi

    4. ShredSanDiego

      800th comment

    5. ShredSanDiego


    6. ARNAV GUPTA [Oshiwara]

      @0:03 you are looking good me-turns camera off

    7. Hunter Wiersema

      i like beef

    8. Nahid Vohra

      You need to buy a Chevrolet Camaro

    9. Frank W

      Welcome to AZ roads dude.

    10. Anthony-joe Dib

      I guess you have to buy a velociraptor 6x6

    11. Scott ToastToGo

      Burlacher, you are an awesome person.

    12. Christina Obrien

      Yep this one FBI this one (im 11)

    13. Heshy Spiegel

      Ford Fix Or Repair Daily

    14. Dan Peay

      Love the humor and the profound comment that the relationship, the friendship, the people, are what matters! Good on ya Nick! Loved the vid!

    15. GI Joe

      SHIT TRUCKS !!!!

    16. Alex Wells

      Sell the raptor and get a polaris

    17. TekNeeK ADRENALINE

      How do you know i look good?

    18. James Burns

      Guys on a silent night you can hear a ford rust. Found On Road Dead.

    19. Joel Spaulding

      Great material. Would love either Raptor. Both super capable. The only 4WD Fords I would consider.

    20. Diesel Monster

      Gassers are for girls brah get a real truck

    21. LGM Ranger

      Burlacher: it’s all about good relationship Burlacher 10seconds later: fall down

    22. miles gaming

      tons of noise at twenty miles an hour lol

    23. Chill Jay

      It’s so weird I don’t hear stradman yelling

    24. Ethan P Furness

      James looks tiny when the burlacker is holding the cam

    25. Dominic Bowers

      Like squad

    26. Kovac

      lol the description “James little channel”

    27. Infinite_Roblox

      Its funny that in the description hes written james little channel and it has 2million subs

    28. Kishawn Persaud

      Please race

    29. Imaginary Friend

      @Welderup needs to see this for the carcasses

    30. ExFizz

      Burlacher should have at least 200k

    31. Ed Flores

      This is great! Can’t believe I Started watching your channel from video one a year ago and witness how much you’ve progressed to this point, also evident on you getting more and more views, very much looking forward for more content in the future! And see how you keep evolving and getting better creating content!! Keep it up! At this pase you will be big in our KGup car community !!

    32. Dan K

      Burlacher took me to the Grand Canyon!! But he also said Micky D's.....

    33. James Williams

      U have to Wrap the raptor Shelby Purple and white

    34. Ryan Matz

      plz tell me where stradman gets his shorts, i want some ! 😂

    35. Ramz

      2:51 James sounds like Paul Walker!!! o.o

    36. Justin Russell

      I just wanted 2 say that you're doing great with your channel. I watch channels such as DDE, Royalty Exotics, stradman, etc. It seems as if your content is getting better and better. Keep up the good work & always have confidence in what you do.

    37. G.A s Lifestyle

      awesome video guys thanks!!!

    38. Kaz Monazzami

      Ahh you screwed up with a political ad especially Biden.

    39. Zane Clark

      LOL you can afford to buy a new car every week but you can’t afford a house I don’t wanna hear it

    40. ISuckATGames

      Can’t wait for the beef when gladiator 6x6 is done

    41. Assholeeater 2


    42. DeVid

      The Baja Raptor sounds like a Dyson vacuum cleaner

    43. Aiden Katleski

      Best video performance from u

    44. Diego D.

      2:25 Shoutout to Nelk! Full Send baby!

    45. anh vu

      Strad 2020: “I’m a wee little man”


      i began watching strad's videos then you came up on the scene and onestly now that i watch your videos i enjoy your channel i don't watch 'em all your vids because my little girl took over my you tube and all my feed is burried all the way down (i stopped watching strad) because you're like a feet on the ground type guy, you're not pretending nothing, you're you and thats what i see on camera. nice videos keep it up! nice truck by the way👌🏼

    47. Nick Powell

      Let’s just agree that the old raptor sounds better than the new one

    48. J D

      3:23 is a big oof

    49. Jonas

      James had to compensate for something so he bought a more upgraded one

    50. Nick Norris

      They are both good and I love your videos

    51. Karlo Ivančić

      Whos here before 250k views?

    52. negativesquirel

      Stradmans next car is a new ford gt and your gunna get his

    53. Noxcoma

      H1: Boss H2: kinda gay... H3: I'M GAY

    54. Brendan Shook

      Look under the seats or with the spare tire under the truck they should have the stuff to change the tires

    55. Subro TDC

      Nice beard 🤪

    56. J.C. R.M.

      amazing memories. I wish Strad went on road trips more often and camping like he used to.

    57. zug zug

      Shoulda brought summit life people and their jeep

    58. Deke1

      Stradman get's a bigger badder Raptor right after Burlacher, clearly he's over compensating for something......

    59. mathew thomas

      Lizard: sees the two ford raptors* Mom, dad is dat you???

    60. Robloxxer

      i just missed u guys went to beaver and i could have saw u